The Core Business Modules available to the Trader Desktop handle contract administration (physicals and derivatives), position and valuation reporting, purchasing, production scheduling, material processing, storage, inventory management, traceability, transportation, marketing and distribution.

The ITAS Alerts service enables administrators to create alerts that are assigned to specific users and trigger notifications when specific parameters have changed within the database. Alerts fall into two categories; a Data Change or an Operational Alert that each offer multiple methods of delivery.

ITAS offers 2 types of workflow services; a scripted workflow that is managed by the Workflow API and triggers a simple action, and a logic based system that allows clients to create complex processes that can be triggered by events or changes to data.

ITAS provides a comprehensive Data Management facility. A range of additional resources compliment our core service and enable our clients to store, modify and process data based on their operational requirements.

Document Management is of increasing importance in today's digital world and ITAS offers fully integrated solutions to both Desktop and remote workers. ITAS provides the ability to both store and retrieve documents either generated through Core Module Applications or external processes (email attachments, scanned documents).

The ITAS Data Portal is a web based application that provides the comprehensive trading functionality offered by the Trader Desktop in an intuitive user interface that offers enhanced Data, Document and Reporting Management facilities.

ITAS Core is designed for SME organisations that might not require major post-implementation changes to the system and simply require an interface to access their ITAS data, manage their assets and monitor the status of their transactions.