ITAS offers 2 types of workflow services; a scripted workflow that is managed by the Workflow API and triggers a simple action, and a logic based system that allows clients to create complex processes that can be triggered by events or changes to data.

Premium clients can benefit from their package of services by working with our development team to design and build the solutions on their behalf.

Enterprise clients have their own IT (development) capability allowing them to fully utilise the open architecture provided by the ITAS API.

For the purposes of this Use Case, the focus is on Cash Management where Invoicing is generated within ITAS but the Invoice Authorisation (pre-payments for example) is managed in a 3rd party Financial Management system.

This article highlights the issues faced by organisations who receive data feeds from their brokers and/or trading terminals.

Combining the elements of the previous modules this is a practical demonstration of the components of a workflow using a simple invoice notification scenario

A common requirement for customers working with physical stock within a warehouse location, is the ability to identify and track items through ITAS. Although the software does not directly communicate with scanning devices, by providing an API it does allow scanning devices and any proprietary software to request and update information held against stock items.