Nowadays, users expect to be able to access data from anywhere, at any time and on any device. The ITAS Data Portal provides the same comprehensive functionality offered by the Trader Desktop in an intuitive web-based application that combines our extensive knowledge of the community trading industry with up to date technology and an enhanced user experience.

What Data Portal options are available in the subscription plans?

Component Code and Description



DPC Access ITAS assets 24/7 from any device  
  Manage and monitor your ITAS commodity data, trades and accounts  
  Generate, Index and maintain Company and Personal documents  
DPP Create customised views of your data to share with other users  
DPE Add task based operations using Data Views and Extended Properties    
  Add bespoke applications and processes that integrate with existing services POA POA POA  
ADM Administrate your user access, data permissions and system settings  
API Events API    

Data Portal features

View and manage data assets in a flexible grid

The primary display mechanism for your ITAS assets (data, documents, reports) is a data grid, allowing the user to quickly retrieve the details of an asset using the search and filtering capabilities. The user can then access additional tools for editing, reporting or analytics. Data grid features include the Filter Builder, Drag and Drop and Column Chooser functionality to modify the layout of the grid. Layouts can be saved and shared with other users, enabling tailored layouts to be created for different users.

Integrate bespoke applications and processes

The ITAS Subscription Plans offers a range of services that allow you to manage your data, documents and reports. Your business may have other applications that require ITAS data such as a, weighbridge or a shipping company or a bespoke process with several steps and changes in status. External programs can be directly accessed via the Data Portal or we can design and build tailored applications that seamlessly integrate with the existing features and management facilities.

Access the features in your Subscription Plan

The Data Portal extends the capabilities of the current ITAS Document Management system. Documents can be assigned with data tags that links them to other files, data and entities so they can be easily retrieved or assigned during to your operations. You can also create HTML templates that can be used to generate documents with ITAS data that can then be distributed or exported as part of a system process.

Create Data Views and links to common activities

One of the key features offered by the Data Portal is the Data Views and Extended Properties. We have employed a task-driven approach where a unique user or group can access the specific data and toolset they require to complete a task or operation.
The Data Views (tasks) can be accessed directly from the primary navigation, and the additional data and tools (Extended Prope rties) will be available.

Manage and generate documents on demand

The Data Portal offers an oData service that enables you to import ITAS data into an Excel spreadsheet directly from the datasource. Any source can be selected, enabling you to analyse and distribute real time information from Excel.