The availability of accurate trading data and Data Management Tools are some of the key requirements any CTRM system. ITAS is a comprehensive contract administration solution developed to manage trading, accounting and risk activities but more often than not, our customers may use other services or software, either on-premise or cloud-based. Traditional integrations with bespoke development can be both costly and difficult, as knowledge of data on both sides of the integration is required to be successful. Over a number of years, we have built a comprehensive framework that allows ITAS to seamlessly integrate with the unique requirements presented by our customers, either through in-house development or bespoke workflow scripting. ITAS provides a number of data services and architecture that compliment our core functionality and enable customers to store, modify and process data to suit their specific requirements.

What Data Management options are available in the subscription plans?

Component Code and Description



DPC Access Data Entities and assets from the Data Portal  
DPP Add personalised Data Views and task based operations based on events    
DPE Define the view of your data assets for developing customised functionality    
  Develop customised functionality using ITAS API  
ODC OData Service import ITAS data directly into Excel  ✓  
ODP Add custom functionality to the OData Service  
ODE Import ITAS data on any API consumer or platform  
DWH Data Warehouse repository for staging data extracted from ITAS Operations Database      
DQM Query and modify data using ITAS API (process) or Client services (GraphQL)    
  Authenticate and Authorise external users to access Data Platform services    
NWC Unlimited Data Change Notifcations and Hivedome developed/scripted Workflows  
NWP Notification Manager with complex conditions for Data and Operational alerts    

Data Management features

Access ITAS data directly from Excel and PowerBI

API-enabled access was once the sole preserve of Enterprise operations, i.e. those with in-house development capability. In order to bridge the gap and allow citizen-driven API integrations we have introduced the OData (Open Data Protocol) Service. It is a dedicated service that can integrate with any application or platform that supports OData feeds which includes Microsoft Excel and Power BI. It enables user-access to ITAS Data Entities, Reports and Actions whilst implementing common policies and permissions managed through ITAS.

View your Data assets in a flexible grid

One of the key features offered by the Data Portal is the Data Views and Extended Properties. We have employed a task-driven approach where a unique user or group can access the specific data and toolset they require to complete a task or operation. The Data Views (tasks) can be accessed directly from the primary navigation, and the additional data and tools (Extended Properties) will be available.

Data Processing Services

Do you need to automatically move or update data, process files when they are received, pull data from a web feed or automatically react when an alert is received? From weighbridge processing, to exchange rate downloads, P&L calculations to metals pricing - the Data Processing Service (DPS) can be customised* to manage just about any automated task that 'just needs to get done', quickly and efficiently. * Custom processing may require development at an additional cost.

Create Data Queries to use in external applications

One of the most valuable aspects of any commodity trading application is its reporting capability. The Reporting Dashboard offers both data manipulation grids for investigative queries and templated positional reporting of aggregated data for executive use. As there is no ‘standard’ definition of a report, all Reporting Dashboard screens are customised to your requirements.