The ITAS Alerts service enables administrators to create alerts that are assigned to specific users that trigger a notification when specific parameters have changed within the database. For example, users can be alerted when the Port Of Destination is changed on an existing contract by another user, or an alteration to a Port of Destination or a Bill of Lading Date can be brought to the attention of back office staff whose responsibility it is to ensure compliance with strict regulations and deadlines.

ITAS users can access the details of the Alerts assigned to them and add filters that narrow the parameters required to trigger an alert; such as a data change to an order for a specific Trading Entity, Counterparty or Commodity. The details include the delivery method which is also controlled for each individual alert, enabling notifications to be sent to non-ITAS and externals users.
Alerts fall into two categories; a Data Change or an Operational Alert.

What Notification options are available in the subscription plans?

Component Code and Description



NWC Receive notifications via Desktop, Email or SMS  
NWC Unlimited Alerts and Workflows (using Hivedome development/scripting)  
NWP Enhanced Notification Manager with complex conditions for Data and Operational alerts    
NWE Access to ITAS Events Engine and API    
NWE API Integration of ITAS Notifications to MS Teams using Adaptors    

Alerts and Notifications features

Keep up to date with changes to your data

These are self-service and can be created by any nominated administrator then assigned to individual users. They involve identifying a single or multiple data point and requesting a notification when a data change is detected.

Create new alerts that are triggered by a change to ITAS data or new data being added

Edit an existing alert

Assign alerts to External Users

Get notified with any events

These are linked to ITAS processes, typically those available through ITAS Applications. These alerts do not necessarily involve any data change and provide the ability to raise Events Notifications to interested subscribers.

Add Existing ITAS Users to an alert category

Add Trading Entities

Assign filters to each of the Trading Entities

Methods of Delivery

Typically, alerts will be presented on the desktop as a screen pop-up and viewed in the Alerts panel that is accessed from the primary navigation, but they can also be emailed to the user. The Data Portal expands the methods of delivery to include communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SMS along with bespoke delivery methods that can be added using Enterprise Integration in the future.