Exploration of the role of the API for enabling integration of ITAS with cloud-hosted and on-premise applications and services

Introduction to the role an Integration Platform plays in managing workflows of data between ITAS and 3rd party applications and services using APIs

Introduction to ITAS Services, a subscription-based package designed to complement ITAS CTRM

Focusing on components and methodologies that support integration projects between ITAS and other accounting systems. Applied to a scenario in which ITAS is used to generate the invoicing and the accounting activity is performed in an alternate system.

Technical discussion covering the variety of methods available for accessing data through the API layer (both REST and GraphQL). Also covers process integrations and methods of exposing business functions.

Combining the elements of the previous modules this is a practical demonstration of the components of a workflow using a simple invoice notification scenario

Strategies for handling data extraction for reporting and analytics, for both real-time and point-in-time reporters

Technical exploration of the Publish-Subscribe (PubSub) model implemented as part of the events notification framework. Covers the use of Topics and the Events API; a series of endpoints used to publish, subscribe and manage notifications.

This video reviews the Data Query Service (GraphQL) and provide working examples using the POSTMAN API Testing tool

This video reviews the ITAS API (REST Application Programming Interface) and provides working examples using the POSTMAN API Testing tool.

Hivedome provide a range of CTRM solutions that are contained within a series of Business Modules that are complemented by a series of additional features specific to the business functions and industries you specialise in.

This video describes the strategies for handling data extraction for reporting and analytics for both real-time and point-in-time reporters.

This video describes the common features of the Data Portal application including the navigation, data grids and document management.