All of your documents and files are stored in the Doc Man filing system and they can be viewing and managed in the Document Manager. This includes unstructured files such as PDFs, images and scans.

The ITAS Data Portal is a web based application that provides the comprehensive trading functionality offered by the Trader Desktop in an intuitive user interface that offers enhanced Data, Document and Reporting Management facilities.

ITAS Core is designed for SME organisations that might not require major post-implementation changes to the system and simply require an interface to access their ITAS data, manage their assets and monitor the status of their transactions.

Premium clients can benefit from their package of services by working with our development team to design and build the solutions on their behalf.

Enterprise clients have their own IT (development) capability allowing them to fully utilise the open architecture provided by the ITAS API.

This case study illustrates a typical life cycle of a Letter of Credit. Both Importers/buyers and exporters/sellers can use ITAS to manage the contract, logistics and finance processes including Letters of Credit.

ITAS offers a full end-to-end Document Management subsystem that allows our customers to manage document storage, indexing and retrieval through Trader Desktop and Web Portal. Integration with ITAS applications such as TRADE allows auto-indexing on document generation, as well as simple document identification/access through keyword matching, for example,