API-enabled access was once the sole preserve of Enterprise operations, i.e. those with in-house development capability. In order to bridge the gap and allow citizen-driven API integrations we have introduced the OData Service. It is a dedicated service that can integrate with any application or platform that supports OData feeds which includes Microsoft Excel and Power BI. It enables user-access to ITAS Data Entities, Reports and Actions whilst implementing common policies and permissions managed through ITAS. It also provides an alternative, low-code method of building workflows through an Enterprise-managed platform such as SnapLogic, Mulesoft or Power Platform.


This service provides the source data for a number of scenarios: Users needing to get data from either a single/collection of Data Entities (tables) or a custom ITAS Report (function) to populate a dedicated spreadsheet, visualisation or external Database. System Integrators similarly needing data for regular extracts to other systems on-demand or scheduled. Reporting Database users needing to extract timestamped data either for direct reporting or providing a staging area for data to be moved at a later date.

Identity and Policy Integration

Access to the assets exposed by the OData Server is controlled in the same way as when accessed through Trader Desktop and Web (Data) Portal platforms. Identity is validated through either Basic Authentication (user provides Windows credentials to be verified by the ITAS Identity Server) or a dedicated token where the previous method cannot be employed. Once the user is identified, their policies and permissions assigned to the ITAS (CMP) account will be applied as normal, including authorisation to Trading Entities, Data Access permissions and so on. Where the service is used for system integrations, dedicated tokens can be provided to elevate access rights.

What OData options are available in the subscription plans?

Component Code and Description



ODC Import ITAS data directly into Excel  
ODP Import data and custom functionality directly into Excel    
ODE Import data on any API consumer or platform