The Core Business Modules available to the Trader Desktop handle contract administration (physicals and derivatives), position and valuation reporting, purchasing, production scheduling, material processing, storage, inventory management, traceability, transportation, marketing and distribution. Core Modules are complemented by a series of additional features specific to the business functions and industries that you operate within.

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Physical Trading

Physical trade management includes (but is not limited to):

  • contracts maintenance
  • pricing - derivative assignment
  • contract quotes
  • inventory and liquidation
  • support for splitting, pooling, shipping, warehousing, processing, allocating, delivering and invoicing
  • immediate visibility on P&L per contract, per allocation, associated futures and costs (Actuals vs Estimates)
  • extensive Logistics functionality including intelligent workflows from afloat to warehouse.

Futures and Options

For organisations trading financial products, the futures and options module is a comprehensive commission and brokerage house package with full regulatory reporting. Standard functionality includes: trade create and amend, physicals or fixing/hedging, pricing, margin calls, exercise, abandonment, give-ups, settlements, span, arbitrage, spreads and allocation of financial trades.

Financial Management

ITAS supports full management and financial accounting functionality including Nominal Ledgers (General) with separate Control Accounts in the Balance Sheet for Client (Receivables/Payables) and the optional Work-in-Progress (inventory and incomplete contracts accounting sub-ledger).

Document Input is available for all standard transaction types including invoicing, debit/credit notes, accruals and provisions, journals, bank and cash, interest calculations, futures settlements, and liquidations. Full management accounting functionality available.

Finance and Banking

Extensive functionality for FX, loans and deposits linked to underlying physicals or other collateral, letter of credit, cash flow and cash commitments, payments and receipts, treasury instrument trading administration and e-payments interface.

Inventory Management

This module accommodates initial storage at the mill, silos or tanks. It includes: conversion factors for material processing, tracking of physical yields, raw material traceability, EDIs for weighbridge and flow meters, flexible packaging units, comprehensive warehouse reporting, sampling and delivery.

Specialist Inventory

A collection of specialist inventory management modules for handling: multiple deliveries, small intakes, inventory parcels, pile and non-pile delivery, production order support for factory and raw materials, manufacture order provision. Specialist Inventory handles both International and domestic cotton trading and inventory management.