ITAS offers a range of CTRM functions that allow our clients to include elements of their supply chain including planning and sourcing, trading, pricing, logistics and warehousing, production and processing, sales and distribution, risk and accounting. Desktop access to the functionality is provided by the Trader Desktop, a set of customizable tiles that provide access to the ITAS features and menu items.

ITAS subscribers can utilise ITAS APIs and Hivedome business resources to implement bespoke applications and processes that can be accessed on a variety of platforms including the web-based Data Portal. ITAS can be configured to provide access to the functions that suit the operational requirements of your trading and origin activities.

The diagram below illustrates the typical activities available within ITAS, with each activity comprising a range of options, activities and configurations. The options are covered in more detail in the CTRM video. For specific details on our CTRM solutions, and how they can be integrated into your operations, please contact us or send an information request.

Base concepts such as processing and production, sales and distribution, are integrated with full accounting functionality. Different industries and trade houses have specific requirements in the way they trade or are involved in origination. The flexible nature of ITAS allows us to modify and adapt to the unique demands of each commodity and business.


Pricing adjustment, price fixing flexibility, pricing mechanisms including white premium, laytime calculations, samples and lab analysis, hedging, option cargo and bulk cargo handling.

Grains and Oilseeds

All principal terminal exchanges, real time position reporting, freight, internal trading, risk transfer, inventory, washouts, circles, invoice adjustments.


Farmer's gate to Roaster, Full traceability. Storage functionality at origin through to destination. Processing, Re-bagging. Outturns, slack & damaged bag analysis. Average bag weights. Secondary Product name as well as main product code. Valuations against market, Outright or differential to main grade. Container module. Certification. Grower analysis.


Full traceability. Inventory management including processing and scheduling. Arbitrage trade capture. Ratio pricing. Ratio position reporting. Bulk ratio update. Outturn weights. Exchange lot recognition. Container Module.


Bale linked to contracts, lots based trading, equity and cash cotton, inventory, consignment, pricing, premiums and discounts, haulage, Smith Doxey certification, EWR and SEAM APIs.

Nuts, Spice & Dried Fruit

Full traceability. Storage functionality at origin through to destination. Processing including roasting, seasoning, blending , Re-bagging. Outturns, slack & damaged bag analysis. Average bag weights. Valuations against market, Outright or differential to main grade. Container module. Certification. Grower analysis.

Seeds & Pulses

Full traceability. Storage functionality at origin through to destination. Processing including cleaning, drying, sorting, splitting and milling. Re-bagging. Outturns, slack & damaged bag analysis. Average bag weights. Valuations against market, Outright or differential to main grade. Container module. Certification. Grower analysis.

Liquid Products

Molasses, oilseed, liquid oils, rubber, latex, alcohol and cotton seed oil. Bulk & liquid processing, retail, distribution and production schedule. Weighbridge, third-party blending, autoterm.

Minerals & Metals

Non-ferrous, ferrous and ferro alloys. LME pricings (outright & averages), Cash, 3 month and derived pricing. Automatic daily settlements. Contained Element pricing. Wet/Dry Tonnage. Ferrous quality formula pricing.

Financial Products

ITAS handles most financial products including securities, deposits, loans, letters of credit, futures, options including some exotic options, forwards, swaps, and currencies.

Other Industries

Other supported Industries include Fertiliser, Rice, Rubber, Fish Oils, Coal and Diary

The ITAS Platform has a global user base and is active in over 50 countries. Hivedome's client list includes small and medium enterprises as well as some of the biggest commodity trading houses in the world.
Hivedome believe in building solid relationships with organizations that will help deliver quality, cost-effective business solutions for our clients.


The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform accelerates data and process flow across applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments – whether on-premises or in the cloud. Unlike traditional integration software that requires painstaking, hand-crafted coding by teams of developers, SnapLogic’s simple but powerful platform enables both IT and business users to create quality, scalable data pipelines that get the right data to the right people at the right time.


BJSS is an award-winning delivery-focused IT, business consultancy and has worked together with Hivedome since 2013, jointly supporting mission-critical systems for multinational commodities clients. BJSS is a trusted delivery partner for a number of its commodity clients, with engagements covering the implementation of bespoke Trade Capture, Operations, Pricing, Position and Integration management solutions.


Working with NCC group, Hivedome offers our clients peace of mind that the long term availability of their software is protected with an escrow solution.


Hivedome has recently partnered with EDICOM to deliver e-Invoicing solutions for our clients EDICom integration process.

With deep industry knowledge accumulated from many years of collaboration with our clients and excellent technical capabilities, Hivedome's design and development team are uniquely positioned to understand commodity trading and origination and provide Adaptable Solutions to give our clients the edge. Whether you specialise in sugar or cotton, coffee or cocoa, grains or seeds, minerals or metals, financial or liquid products, Hivedome’s SMEs are driven by an excellence gained over 35+ years in delivering optimal Enterprise Solutions.

Delivery Management

Its important to us that you are satisfied with the solutions and services delivered to you. Therefore, delivery of the platform can be as light or as detailed as you need. If you are happy to use standard trading processes, a light touch may be all that is needed or, if you have deep ingrained trading processes, a more involved project may be required. Either way, we are here to guide the way and to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

Implementation Services

Hivedome Consultancy have a range of pre and post-implementation services including: installation and software configuration, static loading, user education, assistance with data migration, developing report templates and the translation of ITAS functionality and/or database items.

After an ITAS implementation has met the acceptance Criteria, full user support services including: hypercare, helpdesk support, daily management and monitoring are available.

Solution Analysis

We use technology to solve problems. Regardless of your business solution, such as automatically submitting e-documents to a government portal, creating derivative trades when a client drops a file on your sftp server or giving your customers access to create call-off trades on their phone, we pride ourselves in our ability to create robust and pragmatic solutions which deliver value to your business.

Hivedome is a FinTech company. Our technology stack of choice is Microsoft .Net: (MVVM/Web API/Entity Framework/SQL) though we are known to use open source solutions when it makes sense (Umbraco, Apiary). We are a .NET shop and like to use the latest technologies available to build the most adaptive solutions we can to benefit your business.

Solution Architecture

Once the requirements become clear, we concentrate on creating specific solutions focussing on the problem at hand. We use industry standard practices such as design pattern and prototyping to develop options then, in the delivery phase, combine this approach with agile development processes to keep you involved in the process.

Development Resource

For an insight into our developer resources pleases take a look at the ITAS Developer series videos on our YouTube channel.

Enterprise Subscribers will have access to a dedicated Project Management Board that enables collaboration between our and your Developers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Design and Customisation

We know that value is just as important as cost, and individual companies need different features from their trading software. A key requirement for any operation is a clearly defined method of interaction between your data, clients and operators.

The flexibility provided by ITAS CTRM ensures that there will be a design option to suit your needs and budget, whether in the provision of dashboards, analytics, KPIs, metrics, software changes or reporting mechanisms.

Headquartered in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, Hivedome has a network of regional support hubs including Miami, Singapore, Galway, Cluj (Romania), Madrid, Pune (India) and Uruguay. Our regional personnel ease communication by supporting you in your language and your timezone.