Base concepts such as physical contracts, futures and options, banking and finance, inventory management, production and management accounting are standard parts of the integrated ITAS platform, though different industries and trade houses have many nuances particular to how they trade or are involved in origination. Here are some of the industries using ITAS and just a few of the many adaptations and modifications of ITAS used by each.


Pricing adjustment, price fixing flexibility, pricing mechanisms including white premium, laytime calculations, samples and lab analysis, hedging, option cargo and bulk cargo handling.


Farm to roaster reporting, pricing volatility and risk, raw material intake, inventory unit conversion, warrants, bulk cargo, exchange and OTC instruments, production processing and scheduling.


Out-turn weights, pricing volatility and risk, exchange and OTC instruments, inventory management, production processing and scheduling, sampling and traceability.


Bale linked to contracts, lots based trading, equity and cash cotton, inventory, consignment, pricing, premiums and discounts, haulage, Smith Doxey certification, EWR and SEAM APIs.

Grains and Oilseeds

All principal terminal exchanges, real time position reporting, freight, internal trading, risk transfer, inventory, washouts, circles, invoice adjustments.

Minerals and Metals

Non-ferrous, ferrous and ferro alloys, price matrix, fulfilment of order from stock, refined consignment stock, pre-allocation, quality, pricing (daily, monthly and derived).

Financial Products

Commission and brokerage: derivatives, price revaluation, margin calls, exercise, abandonment, give-ups and settlement. Finance and banking: LOCs and treasury trading. 

Liquid Products

Molasses, oilseed, liquid oils, rubber, latex, alcohol and cotton seed oil. Bulk & liquid processing, retail, distribution and production schedule. Weighbridge, third-party blending, autoterm.

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